Wednesday, September 2, 2009 is the second week we revision

today is the second week we study in the "pusat aktiviti" . we all is stay back de...hmmm two week le still the same really cant concentrate all the time just for few minutes... haiz the magician la keep give me feel super "hao qi" think to play it also..haiz so that we keep watch the people do when we watching that time we are wasting our time to revision..haiz i dun no when can only stop it to do all thing i want really 100% concentrate in my work and my revision with them..haiz the time is keep working but my brain is stop working since PMR that time haha... haiz me really feel so o sorry to myself cause i can force and disiplin myself haiz even cant control my mouth and many the organ who in my body haha keep talking here and there haiz.. next week really want concentrate lerr leh if not i really cant chase up the level...catch what i means?? haha sorry lah is like that de..if u smart sure you know what i mean haha..^^


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  1. u got a 10As bro and 8As sis...why don't u asked them and get advise from them? even u dont get advise from them, its still ok.coz when scoring 10As he got no 1 to ask aso...

    compare yourself and a 10As student, u noe whats the diff? they are stated as below:
    -10As students wont watch TV while lunch and sleep after that;they bath, take lunch & straigh goin study, perhaps nap for 30mins - 1 hour
    -10As student do participate well in co-curiculem and may handling high position in society, but they do not sleep for the whole afternoon after they back from activities
    -10As student do not on9 watch youtube drama so frequent, they c their book more than the TV
    -10As student decipline themselve well, they finish whatever they want to study b4 they take dinner;but not eat once hungry, u should be more determined
    -10As student do not study in a group, but they discussing ques and interacting the problems after they study in a group
    -10As student having 10As not oni bcoz they dream it, but they work for it
    -10As student nvr waste time for 'haiz-ing', but plan ahead which can perform their best

    more 10As tips!!! but i need to see what different of ur lifestyle when compare to a 10As student...kinda long do not go back home, dono how u act recently...

    a honest advise to u, if u do not change from now on, pls make sure u pass ur BM at least, so that u can get ur SPM graduate paper. if not, not only no college goin to accept u, but when ppl hired u, u will be consider a PMR level cheap labour worker...