Sunday, September 27, 2009

my holiday ..can say is SAD holiday i hope the thing that already happened wont keep happen in my life its quite hurt..first i need to sorry everyone who want see my blog but i quite a long long time din update my blog..sorry..

my holiday before holiday my house phone ring and rung keep non-stop because my ....someone is in hospital..oh my she is a old lady so u can think a old people who enter hospital is not a good news one is recover back if not is she wont get out from the hospital all the way...when holiday actually i quite happy before all those thing happen..of course la my ?? is in hospital but i not really care about it..just like erm is go to hospital to see her feed she drink water ....when back i straight forget my ?? is in hospital every time my father and mother go to hospital to visit her but i din...
i every time in house if not go out less go to see her..say really think back i like go hospital only one time..yesterday sat softball is going to have a mp in michael house before means friday lah..i feel exited and happy but i heard the phone ring..ring my father in the he chat with my mum my mum suddenly like very sad n like soott lerr juv a father said that my??has just pass away twenty minutes..oh my god...this thing i quite sad la..but in the night i still continue go to the softball there can see that i wearing red t-shirt la..em...haiz i still can high in the mp..not bad haha...maybe i think she quite happy la when she pass away she so old me is enough la..she is time to go another world to meet her family..she is quite a poor women ...when she is young her husband dead because of cancer ...after don no how many year la..the stupid cancer is in her daughter she only has one son..haiz die le lo her dauhghter is a smart girl just finish study her u..few year like that die le..haiz now she 88 years old enough la..maybe she now is at there drinking some wain together with her family..i hope so la..^^

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