Friday, November 13, 2009

sorry u guys..^^ i quite busy nowadays...i found that i less online lerr...^^
and i dunno why lazy to post a blog..^^
sorry..^^ i still lazying..^^ haha...

Saturday, October 31, 2009


wow....finally....finally......finish exam lu...^&^
between exam week really happened many thing...all about unit..
haiz....sienz dao..during exam still need do more in get the pass..haiz...
luckily in combined camp me..not very busy...but i think combined camp will have many problem during this week or next week...because me...heard some bad news about combined camp..haiz...feel so pek cek....sometime think all those problem and some same with scout really need scold some bad word..haiz but i wont...seems i so clever..^^haha...

yeah!! finally finish exam
finally ....finally
in now onwards can do wan go to school as u like..when boring..then go school...felt like school is my in out out ...whatever..^^

Saturday, October 24, 2009

haiz...when exam is coming all people also will think one thing....that is " hope dun fail so many subject or dun fail" is that logic...some ppl got go and think but din action..some din think at all..juv study study...haiz
like me..haha dun misunderstand think but no action..haha now wan go study le..even that left one more easy subject..but still need to study right..^^ ok la..bye..
hope u guys get good marks
dunno what to say..just can say


Sunday, September 27, 2009

my holiday ..can say is SAD holiday i hope the thing that already happened wont keep happen in my life its quite hurt..first i need to sorry everyone who want see my blog but i quite a long long time din update my blog..sorry..

my holiday before holiday my house phone ring and rung keep non-stop because my ....someone is in hospital..oh my she is a old lady so u can think a old people who enter hospital is not a good news one is recover back if not is she wont get out from the hospital all the way...when holiday actually i quite happy before all those thing happen..of course la my ?? is in hospital but i not really care about it..just like erm is go to hospital to see her feed she drink water ....when back i straight forget my ?? is in hospital every time my father and mother go to hospital to visit her but i din...
i every time in house if not go out less go to see her..say really think back i like go hospital only one time..yesterday sat softball is going to have a mp in michael house before means friday lah..i feel exited and happy but i heard the phone ring..ring my father in the he chat with my mum my mum suddenly like very sad n like soott lerr juv a father said that my??has just pass away twenty minutes..oh my god...this thing i quite sad la..but in the night i still continue go to the softball there can see that i wearing red t-shirt la..em...haiz i still can high in the mp..not bad haha...maybe i think she quite happy la when she pass away she so old me is enough la..she is time to go another world to meet her family..she is quite a poor women ...when she is young her husband dead because of cancer ...after don no how many year la..the stupid cancer is in her daughter she only has one son..haiz die le lo her dauhghter is a smart girl just finish study her u..few year like that die le..haiz now she 88 years old enough la..maybe she now is at there drinking some wain together with her family..i hope so la..^^

my holiday ..can say is SAD

Wednesday, September 2, 2009 is the second week we revision

today is the second week we study in the "pusat aktiviti" . we all is stay back de...hmmm two week le still the same really cant concentrate all the time just for few minutes... haiz the magician la keep give me feel super "hao qi" think to play it also..haiz so that we keep watch the people do when we watching that time we are wasting our time to revision..haiz i dun no when can only stop it to do all thing i want really 100% concentrate in my work and my revision with them..haiz the time is keep working but my brain is stop working since PMR that time haha... haiz me really feel so o sorry to myself cause i can force and disiplin myself haiz even cant control my mouth and many the organ who in my body haha keep talking here and there haiz.. next week really want concentrate lerr leh if not i really cant chase up the level...catch what i means?? haha sorry lah is like that de..if u smart sure you know what i mean haha..^^


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

muackx^^(first kiss)hahaha








my lame holiday..

hmmm..this one week holiday already end..^^
actually quite happy in this holiday but not happy de thing is more than happy de..haiz always keep do the same thing wake up see newspaper sit at the sofa do nothing..... when holiday i borrow a car racing game to copy and paste to my computer lame the race so i play about three day like that then din play again leh...feel so lame..^^ haiz always not tuition then do nothing..before holiday already promise to myself need study everyday BUT....i din did at all .haiz ping rui ah ping rui u so useless n hopeless leh..haiz..feel so sorry to myself and my parents..hmmm sorry..=_=" homework got la just some..i so yong gan chun mee lee de homework i also forget to do it..haha luckily teacher say this time i forgive u seen your attitude so good real not i gang de haha..luckily de me..haha

saturday we go b.k farewell ..oh my god...quite boring but we try to make us high haha.. me,how tze and yew hong keep see where got leng lui..haha yew hong target a girl who is in refreshment de..we call she as "ku rou yok" meat lai de cause her work is take the meat to us haha so we add she a nickname haha she is pyenn haha how tze and yew hong dunno har so just add nickname so bad she is my friend i also like that say haha...^^

yesterday i hang out with my friend...always like to hang out with friend de me in this time de holiday finally can go out with enough money..haha.......before that no money and no approve haha haiz this time only me and how tze are boy haha only we TWO but quite good la we go bukit tinggi to play and shop..^^ first we go green box and how tze can say is so shy to sing cause our sound not good to sing also haha i see vivian lim them all so high they standing the sofa oh my god at that time i more shy lo bcz only me and how tze is sitting haha...but ok la hmmm
me and how tze keep complaint the green box about the food oh my god RM 14 the what pesta de the taste are ...s my mum cook de also more nice..the price is ok but the food is not RM 14 d like pasar malam de haha so green box we two keep go out to take the food and drink from outside haha because we still hungry haha ..and we bring junk food to vivian them..haha after that about 2 lerr..when they are singing me,how tze,shu ping and kai ling come out to buy the ticket...we discuss at there because we wan watch the orpphan the movie is under age de so we act like our age quite old la haha dunno how to say haha then our plan is when the counter really wan check our ic we only say "huh oh sorry we thought we can enter sorry ya then change other movie de" haha so funny and gan jiong that time..when de buying the counter din check us straight ask want how many haha we so happy and smile haha ..turn back we walk fast abit funny haha then we continue our green box lo..^^
after finish ktv le we go see the movie le..i can see that vivian,shu ping and ker ching so scare haha me ,how tze,ee mun,pjing and kai ling are nothing haha..when watching vivian keep complaint the movie is shot shot de and she keep complain the director haha..i sit beside vivian so she keep disturb me haha she so scare dam scare haha she keep pull my shirt ..wah she really very scare lo but this movie in my mind juv normal la not very scary it just use sound effect to give people scare haha..they so funny when i watch till half suddenly i heard some cry sound oh my god i kena scare then i turn to vivian there oh my god shu ping is crying oh so sad haha..^^ very smart de ker ching straight run out when watch till half haha....

after that we go kfc eat then back..this is my happier time in this whole week ,lame holiday..thanks ya merdeka...because b4 that we are going for the merdeka parade but cancel we only can go out haha yeah~~~!! shiok ah haha...^^

today is the first day we back to school study oh my god today weather was so good give me feel wan to sleep haiz but can cause my teacher all are so fierce haha..kena ... again......

Wednesday, August 26, 2009








1. How old were you when you had your first relationship?
erm..if i said u all sure laugh at me..the answer is..haven got^^

2. Are you taken/single?
of cause,^^ i am still a single a lonely guy always sit at the corner wait ppl haha jkjk

3. Do you like anyone right now?
yea...i love her...

4. Ever had your heartbroken?

5. Miss anyone right now?
yup...of cause lo..too love she..^0^

6. Who was the last person you sent a text to?
erm...duno i very blur de sorry..^^haha

7. Last person to text you?
same answer i very blur de haha

8. Last person you saw?
my mum...before i on the pc i at downstairs ,she ask me to eat but i say later...^^

9. What was the last thing you said to someone?
ya...i said to mum say no i eat later....^^ u eat first ba.^9^

10. Who is top in your top friends?
how tze,pjing,vivian,kai ling n shu ping maybe still got others but almost is girl...^^

11. Who do you trust the most in your life?
my top top frens =DD
only True frens wounld't betray u =)

12. Who do you love most?

13. Ever been in love?
not sure

14. Who has hurt you the most?
my result

15. Has a tragedy ever happened in your life?

16. Are you happy?
ya sometimes..^^

17. How many good friends do you have?
Good frens? its too much to count

18. Are there some songs you can't listen to because they remind you of someone?
erm...seriously ya! =.=

19. Have you ever cheated on a partner? sorry =x i really dont mean it i just dowan to make things worse..!

20. Have you ever cheated on?
definitely YES...and i've cheated for thousands of times

21. Ever been told someone loved you?

22. Ever told someone you loved them and meant it?
ya....because i love la..^^

23. What is your idea of true love?
do not hide any secrets behind of him/ honest and trustable =)

24. Do you believe in love at first sight?
i dont know...

25. Do you believe that it is best to have a friendship first then love?
Lol...things should be like this isn't it? i dun think that ba..see la if really feel to each other then can ler..^^ just say to the ppl i love you much..enough not scare..^^

finally had just cancel...

woohoo....!! finally the stupid thing had just been cancel...shiok ah..feel so free now..haha haiz free is free hang out with friend d me ..plan to go watch movie name call up is a 3D cartoon very cute le the baby inside the movie....haiz...but i nowadays is already bankrap...i found that my purse is become thin and thin..isn't u on diet?? oh my god i love your size big good for me..hahaha.. quite cold this joke haha...haiz because holiday le no income at all..haiz one week break really make me become a crazy...always busy this thing worry about this thing haiz..pek cek ah..^^ who can help me..haiz....???

i was so happy because the stupid function for HARI KEMERDEKAAN de already dibatalkan when see thise message and news become ..straight my mouth become shape like boat haha and got one pair so sweet n deep d hole beside my mouth haha hope u know what i say haha...^^

Monday, August 24, 2009

finally the holiday is around us..^0^

woo....!! our holiday already reach.haha..feel so exited cause can hang out with friend if can..^^ aduh!! during this holiday i feel so bored le...haiz everyday juv only can online to is chat also quite boring..haha..hey the farmine 30 is finish. haiz i so "huai nian " even that i din go for this year de..haiz but i can saw in tv wao all the ppl is so high..maybe this year really is fun last two three year i go de not fun at all...haiz...

is time to go tuition pek cek morning still need go tuition probably is in house see newspaper de haiz now still need go till behind bukit kuda school there to tuition far far away from my house haiz..sometime really feel so sad cause my parents treat me till so good but my result keep so bad haiz...i also no need to worry my family that want earn some money to need..i juv busy in my akademik but..why huh i juv one thing that i need to handle it but i still do it good...haiz... last week the BI tuition juv teach us IDIOM one of the idiom call "BUT ME NO BUT" but why when i study the result come out is bad i still can say but this but that....haiz....always find reason to cover my mind....means bluff myself . this maybe is a very stupid thing in you all who see my blog de friend think that this is a stupid...but i can tell you all that quite use haha..but just can use in others not in studies...but very stupid de me using in my akademik haiz...^^

i at here wish you all have a good holiday!! ^0^ love you all>_< (thanks you all always support me...ya!! you....^^)

Friday, August 21, 2009

feel regret...

hmmm..i feel so regret cause i wan go to the famine 30.. haiz...even that i been go many time lerr but now got many friend are going haiz...i think they sure play till very high...and so playful de vivian lim them sure play till high rui ah ping rui why last year you can make it the choice why this year all my brain is nothing straight reject my friend..haiz sorry to everyone i am sure next year i will go to famine 30..i sue to everyone who see my fans haha joke la..haiz..i really wan go le cause this time many my close friend also going and they thought i am going too..i think i make them disappoint ..hmmm sad i only can at here wish u all who going this famine 30 de girls and guys GOOD LUCK....^^


Thursday, August 20, 2009

nothing to do..

today i feel so moody ...haiz want go to the stupid and hot de place......and now still serious in h1n1 the goverment still need us to go there sit under the hot n shiny sun..oh my god...shit man....cant there use some brain n din have knowledge meh ....postpone la the hari kemerdekaan haha what shit i talking haha.....

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

actually today is stay back school to have a group study really so tired play whole afternoon when during revision keep laughing haha
we...pjing,vivian lim,jun hao,how tze,shu ping and ker ching and kai ling we like to high le haha
play this n tat play badminton la play magic la play many la n chat some ham sap de la
many la happy during whole afternoon even that we are under a hot n shiny sun...but we still very funny and today is to study de..become a play time..haha
to day is the afternoon make me sohappy.......wont forget u all during this u all who accompany with me this afternoon...^^ and thx vivian lim n jun hao teach me math..thanks very muchi..haha..^9^

Sunday, August 16, 2009

u already change to a suck...

haiz...why..can u use some brain,bring some to school and when meeting or chat even order. y huh y...oh my god..u really already change to other person who r quite suck u know....haiz in here i dun wan to scold bad word cause i still wan my imej good.. many people are told me that they are so unhappy to u..u know why..see back what u always talk with others see the words u using n u din use brain when in here i told outside people juv know how to comment here people r trying to help u...please la behave like a man la wei....why do all thing also need people to do..cant u do yourself always say u wan study no free many thing to do..but always pass by your class u are playing not concentrating ...u know the feeling when people is very busy then u still need people to do thing is very the feel annoy is force to do it...when see u ..u r so free playing with u...not sleep is playing what dota i feel so angry is when call u wan to discuss something to u, u say i I WANT PLAY GAME DUN COME AND KACAU ME STRAIGHT SCOLD A BAD WORD TOO.....ya u r the head so..u also need to do something...please la behave...
dun keep do people unhappy to u..always know how to scold people but u din refer back that your trouble is more serious ....i am seriously...
what can i say to u is...when talking, scolding,scold bad word even your action ...all of it also will give people angry u easily.....

not to suan or chat my thing at school la please
u see le know the true then juv diam diam lo..
dun go and say out..thanks

Thursday, August 13, 2009

give people simply play classmate justin he simply friend all trust it thought that me really interest to what 3j de monitor...oh my god...haiz...make so so malu about it....luckily they means my friend la trust me back if not ah,,wan die le haha....hmmm

now our country malaysia already got 51 person die in wish u guys n girls drink more water no mood to write blog..hmmm u all ya..^^

Sunday, August 9, 2009

haiz my sick haven cover yet..n my life headache my caugh my sick....ah allm haven recover yet oh my god...feel so unhelpfull
haiz..pek cek....why the medicine din give some better to me...haiz dunno is my health suck or the doctor suck..haiz.hahaha so bad me..^^

haiz said till my life i really dunno what to do after form 5 my friend meng pei same dream occupation with a stewardess n me is steward...^^ so shuang if i really get the job can fly here fly there everywhere i can go n take some knowledge frem other side.....haiz but shuang is shuang...i still need to face the salary..juv only 5,6 thousand per month..if i really got a family how i can make my wife and chirldren have a good home...haiz if dun wan be a steward what can i need to do reasult all also not very
i thnk b4 that i also can be a hocker , machanic , hotel magnament and many. haiz,,,ko lian de me still think if i really be a steward when my age come to 40 something i will come out at KL or somewhere open a restaurant a very high class restaurant of cause i use my onw money when do steward save de money la...haiz.....still young and small de me also thing the shop name call.."N0 s3X 1N hEr3 " this name call attract more couple and teenagers to come here n dinner or drink ..bcz the name quite modern can attract nowaday de teenager..hmm dunno this really can be the true or no..when i said to my parent ..they said dun think till so easy....maybe they r right or maybe they r wrong hard to sAY MA......hmmm

so this thing really make me feel so pek cek..haiz who can help me leh..give me a comment la....^^thankx

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

now got little bit bu shuang

now ?? become more hidung tinggi and still not change cause he really really too (guo fen) i thought after agm le he will change more but still the same....i feel so bad to him...haiz..
still remember last year the "THINKING DAY " he already like that now form four le still the same..even more ....haiz i hope he can change ....and why he dun wan hear my opinion always...why....f man.....why the campfire dun wan combined with gg...y
we also not enough money to have a campfire.......ya i know cause last time the gg is spend lots of money at last all the thing becum gg even that we also got paid the thing...
but we can discuss with them see weather is how only make a conclusion fast wan make conclusion that dun wan ..haiz..if no gg how our dance....u thought..haiz...u said till very loud that u can teach even thing the dance..but u really can mah..?? i really can say is ...yup i look down u..
so what even that ur body nice..i dun here i juv wan to say what i trying to say scold even angry......(AFTER U SEE MY BLOG..PLEASE DUN GO AND SAY WITH OTHERS) THANKS this thing really make me so unhappy...leave me alone.....

Sunday, August 2, 2009

agm is over...^^

this time i very hapi cause i can get the post that i like...^^n suitable for me..
today i feel so pek cek cause i today whole day my head pening penig de..dunno what happen...when walk will like wan fall down like that....maybe is my sister pass the sick to me....
cause she sick about two week le...haiz....oh my god..
last two week i qute hapi cause when i go the kpj meeting..b4 that i cant found any kpj ajk in canteen...then i find whole kwang hua..finally very clever de me use telefon awam call how tze...the meeting is in 5s6,,at tat time i kena boom..boomboom haiz
then i walk inside...they say me ...U R LATE...I DUNNO WAN GIVE WHAT TYPE OF REQUEST AT THAT time i start emo during the last i draw some cartoon at blackboard i feel that ny drawing skill not of my lover said that.."EH PING RUI U KNOW HOW TO DRAW DE WORR N THE CARTOON QUITE CUTE" same like me haha..jkjk
at that time i feel so happy..n little bit shuang..haha but i know that she wont because this small this the accept that la my story.....

now my post is ketua pro...very pro de ketua sosial..the short form is pro...
n pangkat same wit how tze lo..
em i will do more better then form five i yew hong n how tze wont give u all feel disappoint...we will do more activities such as campfire ah all those thing la....

Sunday, July 26, 2009

my life nice??

this is the first message in here..i need to say hi to everyone....halo i feel sorry to somebody "she" i make she feel pek cek feel so sorry
she scold me when meeting i know is my wrong cause i asking my friend someting during meeting...
i at here say sorry to you...i cant said sorry infront of know la..i am a boy...
i will try to make it the best...

quite late already i wan stop here le...
and i need to do the kpj thing also...
(please don't suan me after view my blog..thx)